Video: What is Cognitive Behavioral therapy?

While a lot of people are familiar with the term Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, how many people really know what it means? Or, more importantly, what to expect when they go to see a therapist? In this video, I give a brief overview of what Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is, in layman’s terms and with clear and concise examples.

It is my goal to ease any fear people may have about seeking out a therapist – and I think of lot of that is simply not knowing what to expect. I hope this helps clarify! As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

A video about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

With special thanks to Marina for image use

About Jessica S. Campbell, LCSW

Jessica S. Campbell, LCSW is a licensed and trained psychotherapist who helps overwhelmed women, frustrated parents, and anyone who has experienced trauma, to find a more balanced lifestyle, move on from troubling events and form meaningful relationships with reawakened creativity for happier and healthier lives.

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