What is an LCSW?

Today, I decided to stretch outside of my comfort zone and try to enter a whole new realm of media: Youtube!

I will be the first to admit that I still have a lot to learn about how to shoot and edit video (and there is certainly a steep learning curve!) – but I hope that you enjoy this video all the same. In it, I will be talking about what an LCSW is (and isn’t), what the education requirements are to achieve the professional designation (they are considerable), and why I chose to go that route rather than the psychology route. And, I hope if you have any further questions, you feel free to post them as comments here, or contact me via email.

What is an LCSW?

What is an LCSW? Jessica S. Campbell explains what it stands for, what the educational requirements are, and why someone might choose it over other professions.

With thanks to Esther Vargas for image use

About Jessica S. Campbell, LCSW

Jessica S. Campbell, LCSW is a licensed and trained psychotherapist who helps overwhelmed women, frustrated parents, and anyone who has experienced trauma, to find a more balanced lifestyle, move on from troubling events and form meaningful relationships with reawakened creativity for happier and healthier lives.

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